Disinfection, or decontamination, is an action that aims to destroy microbes and their spore forms. There are many methods by which this goal can be achieved, but only by matching the right chemicals, this action brings the intended results. In the event of contamination of the environment, surface and air disinfection is an absolute must.

Our Standards and Practices are kept up to date with All Government Regulations on the North American and European Continents. In addition to all of the research data provided by Governments, we continually accumulate our own data in order to help further the safety, effectiveness, and variety of applications for Ozone.

We end each disinfection with the as-built protocol and an appropriate certificate guaranteeing our effectiveness.

Disinfection of QUARANTINE -covered rooms after coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) 

We offer free on-site visit and estimate.
We provide service in most inquires within 4-8 hours of accepting the application.
We use tested and certified machines and care about the ecology and health of our customers. After each disinfection, you will receive a service certificate and protocol. We meet the standards of CDC, EPA, FDA and FIFRA.
When used responsibly, ozone is proven to kill 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria (like SARS, COVID-19),
Disinfection of office, industrial and residential spaces
Pathogens are usually pathogens - invisible microorganisms that can be fatal. The only effective way to combat them is disinfection. For households, standard cleanliness is usually sufficient, although the intervention of more radical measures is mandatory in special cases. However, in office buildings and institutional building complexes, large clusters of people are conducive to the rapid spread of microorganisms, even if an efficient cleaning service operates in the building. Many microorganisms are in fact resistant to widely available bactericides, which means that disinfection of the office, warehouse, apartment or communication routes of the entire building - it turns out to be unavoidable.
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Our 3-Step Ozone Cleaning
We make our final measurements and calculations before setting up our equipment and sealing the spaces needing treatment. 
We turn on our generators and bring the Ozone concentration up to effective levels. Once the Ozone reaches an effective concentration, the generators are shut off for the sterilization.
After sterilization, we unseal and ventilate the spaces before certifying the air quality and safety.
Disinfection of rooms and vehicles

It is most often performed in rooms or means of transport that have been in contact with a disease caused by viruses (including coronaviruses), bacteria, or parasites. The threats that we usually eliminate are influenza, scabies, scarlet fever, head lice, staphylococcus, tuberculosis, clostridium difficile, FIV (cat AIDS), canine parvovirus, measles, smallpox (dirty hands disease).

The effectiveness of disinfection depends on several factors, and this is primarily the duration of action of the agents, their concentration, and the chosen method of disinfection. In this case - the longer the time and the higher the disinfectant concentration, the more microorganisms are destroyed. The effectiveness of disinfection also depends on the humidity level of the environment, which is especially important in disinfecting the air. All this is due to the fact that chemicals usually do not work in a dry environment.

We provide security

In an interview published in the INN: US portal, we provide information on the effective disinfection of buildings after the presence of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 coronavirus. We present disinfection methods and indicate solutions that we use to professionally and effectively combat viruses, allergens, and other pathogenic microorganisms. We also indicate how to choose a professional disinfection company and how not to be deceived when choosing a contractor .

Price list and duration of disinfection service

The total cost of the order depends on:

  • response time in the selected SLA package,

  • number of locations/buildings to be disinfected,

  • the number of rooms in individual buildings and their area and height,

  • customer industry characteristics (e.g. contact with food, risk of corrosion or damage to electronics, shift work, availability only at night),

  • level of threat and scale of the problem being solved,

  • disinfection methods (the amount and power of machines needed to properly execute the order or the type of chemistry and technique of the procedure performed).

In 90% of cases, one disinfection is enough to carry out effective disinfection of the office, warehouse, production hall, staircase (total room area up to 7000m2).

We value each order individually. Usually, this is possible during the first telephone contact, sometimes a more complex analysis we prefer a

free on-site estimate. We realize most orders within a maximum of 

4-8 hours of receipt of the application, we work at night and weekends.

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